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I'm from Germany and I'm was born here too. In the 8 last years I moved very often. I learn the graphig programs from Adobe and go to school in the black Forest. I like listen to music on my iPod when I relax. I like to play with my dog too. The name from my dog is Lina and she is nine years old. My favourite book is Ken Follett "The needle". And I think Cro is a very good singer, so I like his songs. How I met your mother is funny and Barney Stinson also! The actor from Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) is very very good!! I love the films with him. My hobbies are skiing, mountain biking, photography, working on my MacBook, and chilling with friends.This is only for a work in English.We must make a blog, as in our english book.

Alter: 20
Schule: Dom Clemente in Schonach

Ich mag diese...
Musiker: Cro
David Guetta
Jason Derüllo
Lieder: Easy
Nie auf
Sendungen: How I met your mother
Filme: Sherlock Holmes
Iron Mann
Schauspieler: Robert Downey Jr.
Morgan Freeman
James McAvoy
Bücher: Ken Follet- Die Nadel
Hobbies: Sport

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